Monday, August 26, 2013

I Have 100 Days Already in my Mission!

Benjamin at his baptism on August 24, 2013.

This week was CRAZY!!!  We started off with having to bless a haunted house of the father of one of our investigators.  It was really creepy!  Things would randomly just fall throughout the day and night and they kept seeing things and feeling weird things! But after the blessing all the father could talk about was God and the blessing that he has received and that he wants to be baptized in the near future and now we are going to try and pass by and teach him.  The bikes are still my worst enemy...This past week we had interviews with he president which we have every 3 months.  It didn't go so well.  My companion has been really disobedient.  I'm still new and wasn't really sure how to handle it.  I just tried to motivate him as best as possible and keep it a secret for the time being.   Well, we had the interview and I entered not planning on talking about this with president.. but during the meeting I felt the really strong impression to talk about it so I did.  It was pretty awkward for a few days.  The president called and said that  we would finish out these next 2 weeks before the actual companion change of the mission.  I will probably be staying here again for the next change which is awesome:)  I love it here and I know pretty much all of the people and have developed relationships with them!  The other big thing this week was our baptism yesterday!  We baptized the son of Roman and Karol! It was so crazy spiritual!  The mom of Karol came... she is Catholic and wanted nothing to do with our church...Benjamin invited her and she attended.   Well, lets just say that she was in tears and all she could talk about was how spiritual the experience was and how beautiful our church is and this path that Benjamin is taking and how she felt so calm and peaceful!  Its so amazing how the spirit works in people!  we wiil be passing by her house soon as well to begin teaching her, hopefully! :)   I definitely learned some really good lessons for myself and for my mission!  Its such a good opportunity to be here and I'm really enjoying it!

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