Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Pretty Sure God Doesn't Want Me to Have a Bike!

The newest bikers in the Chile Santiago North mission.
We went to Santiago this past week for entre
vistas which was really cool!  I got to pass Alcantara where i stayed in the MTC and after we went to the CCM to buy a couple of things and I got to see all my teachers and talk with them!  It was way cool!  We received bikes this past wee! and lets just say... I'm pretty sure God doesn't want me to have a bike! hahaha   The first day we received them it was raining and absolutely freezing and we had to ride them to a family's house for lunch and they live about 30 minutes away on bikes.  We arrived freezing and numb.  After we had to ride the bikes home in the same weather.  The next morning we woke up and the bike tire was flat on my bike.  So we had to go and take it to the repair shop.  After we headed to lunch.  Then on the way back from lunch I was riding in the street and the pedal and circle things that change switches when you switch gears and such, fell off in the middle of the road! hahaha   It was hilarious!  After this we took it to the same repair shop and they fixed it, and then that night the stupid seat broke!! hahaha   I have terrible luck with bikes.  We were both sick the next day with really bad sore throats so we chilled in the house until the end of the day for an appointment.    We decided that we wanted to start eating more healthy foods so we bought bananas and yogurts and a bunch of other fruit and have been eating really healthy foods in the morning after we run for a while.  Maybe this will improve my luck with my bike riding!

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