Monday, September 30, 2013

Choooloooos Thugs Gettin Ready to Play Soccer!

Hey guys!  Not much happened this past week.   By accident I had my
first alcoholic item hahaha.  We were in a lunch with a member and for
dessert she gave us these ice cream cones.   Without thinking we just
started to eat them until my companion said wait!   What the heck?   On
the cones it said prohibited for minors and that it contained alcohol.  The
lady was really embarrased and truly had no idea.  She had just bought
them for us.  It was hilarious!   We have 2  people progressing for
baptism which is really nice!   They are both kids from less active
families.   We will be able to baptize them and reactivate the families
which will be really awesome!   The weather is getting really warm
here and sometimes it is torture to walk around all sweaty and tired!
But it's much better than the cold so I'm not complaining too much.   We
haven't had too many lessons these past weeks.  Its been really hard to
find people in their houses and when they are in their houses they are
busy.  But its been fun because we have just been able to talk to
people and spent along of time knocking doors!  The week was pretty
fun and we are enjoying our time here!  Not too much happening.  A pretty
normal week!   Hope all is well at home!   Miss and love you guys.

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