Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lessons the Lord Wants Me to Learn

Hey guys! The new companion is great, and he is from Midway Utah, and yes he speaks English and almost perfect Spanish!  He works extremely hard and is pushing me to do everything to prepare for being a senior companion.   I plan our day, direct and lead us to the areas and I do almost all the contacts in the street and at doors.  He directs almost all of the lessons which is really good because I need to learn how to teach and direct better in the lessons!  It's awesome because I started my mission extremely scared to talk to people.  Now I'm happy when I see somebody in the street and I go as quickly as possible and talk to them!   It's so cool being able to talk to people normal and have conversations and not have to worry every single second about what I'm going to say and how to say it!   The work is awesome!!!   This week was terrible... the people we had scheduled almost all canceled their meetings so we ended the week with 6 lessons only... usually we end the week with 20 to 25 so it was rough.   We were frustrated.. but I learned the lesson I feel the Lord wanted me to learn which is  patience, and to open my mouth and overcome my fear of talking with random people.  We contacted people in the street and knocked doors almost the entire week and found really awesome people to be teaching.  So, I guess the frustration was worth it.

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