Monday, May 13, 2013

First Companion!

First email from Chile:  May 8, 2013:

Hey guys they gave us a little time to email our families before we start going with everything here soon, things are pretty crazy here haha the drivers are TERRIBLE. we{ve almost got into crashes mutliple times it seems like but the drivers just act normal like it happens like this everyday haha the weather is amazing, no wind, no cold air, no bugs and no clouds.  just really warm and sunny weather.   The mtc in directly across from the temple but that housing is for the locals and those that are advanced in spanish, me and the rest of the north americans(we are the first ones ever to be here in this house) are staying in the mission home, there is a picture of it when you search about the mission on the internet.  We started a little of the language today and got all the books we will be needing for the work.  A lot of information haha  but my companion, elder bennett, (the one from morgan) is really awesome   we get along well so far!   have to go now for dinner and some big fireside thing with all the people staying at the house.. there are i think 29 sister missionarys and 11 elders haha we are outnumbered... Miss you guys and hope to hear from ya soon!  Love ya all

Elder Bennett is the elder on the left.  Elder Osbourn is on the right.  They flew to Chile together on May 7, 2013.

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