Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 2 News from Chile!

Traveling each day from the mission home to the language training center on the mission bus!

From Elder King's week 2 email message:

The schedule is so busy here the days fly by!  We didn't even realize what day it was this week till it was Sunday and that it was over!  There really is no free time.. but i love it :) The schedule is awesome I seeing myself progress each day and that makes it even better!  We got to go through the temple this last Wednesday!  IT WAS AMAZING :)  Soooo different than the temples back home... maybe half the size? But it was amazing.  One of the latino elders I'm really close with asked me to be his escort which was very amazing and humbling!  Almost all of the latinos here have never been through the temple.. I had no idea you were allowed to be a missionary and go through all the stuff we have to do without the temple endowments.  But it was amazing to see their faces!  District leader is still awesome!  Its a lot more stress having to watch out for all of them, myself, and prepare more lessons than the 3 that I already have to prepare each day... but it helps me grow a lot and I love the extra responsibility.  My testimony grows each and every day and I have grown to love the people and the gospel here more than I even thought possible!  The blessings I've received from teaching and with the gift of tongues is amazing as well.   Scripture for you guys is  1 Nephi 5: 8.  Think about it with me and my soon to be missionary little brother Braden in mind. 

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