Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 3 : King Kong!

Elder King "Kong" and Elder Bennett with their Latino companions from their district.

Things are going really well here.  The Latinos love to talk to me and they also call me King Kong since I'm so giant here!   I'm literally taller than everybody here including all the teachers and all the missionaries!  It's pretty sweet :) I definitely stand out!  We just switched out the last group of Latinos for the new group.  I loved them and it really sucked to see them go, but this new group is also amazing!   I get along with the Latinos well and they love me!  Haha... probably has to do with my last name.  They always yell "Elder Rey!"(Rey means king in Spanish!)   They love it!  They are amazing people and the love they have for the gospel and the things they have had to give up to become missionaries is insane.  One of our new roommates,  Elder Monrroy, had to chose between his house or the mission.  His dad is not LDS and didn't want him to go, so he kicked him out of the house when he decided to go on the mission. He is such an example to me of the pure love of Christ and the sacrifices we all make.  We got all new teachers this week!  They are very tough but still way good!  We are learning a lot!  These teachers focus more on the basics of language structure and then the more advanced teaching tactics!  My testimony and love for the gospel grows every day!  I never was to motivated to do a lot of things before, but here, I'm so motivated each and every day to learn the gospel and teach people!  It's so nice!  It makes getting up early so much easier! Sundays are the best day since everything is in English, so we can just relax and pay attention to the message :)  

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