Monday, July 29, 2013

Adios Elder Chung :( But, I'm Staying in San Felipe!

Myriam's baptism on July 27, 2013. 

Hey guys! Things are really good!  The first baptism was really good! She was happy and the baptism went smoothly:)  Elder Chung did the baptism, and it was his very last one of his mission!  It was terribly sad to leave my first companion... this morning was way difficult. We got along so well and had a good relationship with the people here!  But life and the mission moves on!  My new companion is Elder Chinga from Ecuador.  He is awesome!  He was our zone leader before this transfer and I knew him pretty well so it's not just a random new person that I have to try and develop a relationship with! And yes,  I get to stay here in San Felipe!  It's become my second home :)  It's really so nice! haha I love it here.  The people are so nice and the town is so peaceful and quiet! and I love the food! hahaha Yeah its so true!  Elder Chung was a cook before his mission and cooked us some really amazing and big peruvian dishes!! Plus we have lunch every day with members!  I've learned very quickly to eat everything whether I like it or not.. because after lunch there really isn't time to eat, so the more I can eat at lunch the better I will feel during the day.  I've leanred to love tomatoes and different types of eggs and rice.  They have rice with everything here!   If anyone can, you should sign up for a date to have the missionaries of the area to have dinner or lunch with you!!  I know from experience how nice it is to have actual good, cooked food instead of having to eat fast food every day.
Oh and a funny story!  We were walking down the street the other day and my companion tells me to contact this person that was walking towards us!  I started to talk to him about his family and work and stuff.. but he was acting really weird.  Finally at the end we asked if we could come by his house and talk with him some more and he was silent for a moment and finally said, "ummm.. no I don't like to talk or share with North Americans."  It was silent for a moment, and finally my companion responded and said "que racista!" (how/that's racist) and we walked away hahahahaha it was hilarious!  I wasn't quite sure what to do... good thing Elder Chung was there!  But, yeah things are really good here and the people and ward are doing great :)

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