Monday, July 1, 2013

Colo Colo Soccer Fan and Rats..Big Rats!

Elder King and Elder Chung sporting Colo Colo soccer jerseys!

Things are awesome here!  The weather is a good mix between cold and warm, but I'm getting used to it so I don't really notice it anymore.... The days are crazy!  We get up at 7:30 in the morning,   exercise and then have an hour to shower and have breakfast and get changed.  After that we have personal study for 1 hour, then companion for about an hour and a half to 2 hours, then language study, then after that we head to a members house every single day for lunch, then out to work!  We usually have between 2 to 4 scheduled lessons a day and then just contacting and knocking doors!  We have 2 areas, the first is is San Felipe, and the second is out even further in the farm country.  The town is called El Llano!  It's way cool but it is ALOT of walking, and the work is good but hard!  Somedays we will knock the doors of an entire street and not have a single person answer, and other days we will be invited in or be able to schedule appointments for others days with entire streets.  It's really hit or miss!  But the lessons are good and my companion pushes me really hard to improve.    We will be mid-lesson and he will just stop talking/teaching and just look at me:) hahaha and he won't talk, so I have to!  I hated it at first... but now I really like it and it's getting to the point where I will interrupt and say things on my own!!   I use Grandpa's coat almost every single day :) it fits perfect and keeps me really warm!  This week was crazy because we have giant rats in our house that keep eating our food and sneaking into the house!!  We had to throw away most of our food... and then deep clean the entire house and order an exterminator for this next week!  The creepy part about it was the other night I was in the middle of my personal night prayer and the other elders had just turned the music off and started to do the same and then we kept hearing these squeaking noises.... we all finished our prayers and continued to listen to them and looking at each other like what in the world!  We listened closely and heard at least 5 or more rats running around in the ceiling just above all of our beds!  It was gross but pretty awesome too!  By the way,  I bought a new back pack and a soccer jersey to match my companion!  It's for the soccer team Colo Colo.  Haha it's white and pretty sweet! But things are really good here!

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