Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Past Week!

Enjoying a burger in Los Andes.
In-grown Toe Nail Surgery!

Things were pretty crazy this week!  First I'll start off by talking about my toe surgery!   We arrived to the doctors office to find that a lot of the doctors don't have the stuff that you need for your surgery so they write you a list with their signatures and you go to the nearest pharmacy and buy all the stuff yourself! Haha it's pretty funny... but we bought the numbing medicine, the needles and syringe and the cleaning medicine and returned.  He injected my toe in 2 places with the numbing medicine and then started to pull the nail out of my skin (only the right side or part of it, not the whole nail, but it was the part that was stuck in my skin).   Let's just say that the numbing medicine was HORRIBLE and I could feel everything except just a little less that normal.  It was terrible... but he cut the right side of the nail off and then wrapped it up and sent me home and I had to rest for the next few days.   The medical system is so different here!  The only really nice thing about it was the doctor who did the surgery is our branch president!  The bad thing about this is that he is a heart doctor.. not a foot doctor!  The more I think about it the more I realize that he probably has never done this before and never studied or anything to do this!  Crazy!  We also had zone conference this week which was pretty awesome!! Really long, but really helpful :)    The work is awesome!  We have 2 with a baptismal date! (Ximena and Myrian) Ximena is great and really wants to be baptized but .... smokes alot!!! We have been trying to help her to quit but its really difficult. The other day we bought nicotine gum for her (which is freaking expensive here!) and made this little cigarette case with pictures of Jesus and scriptures and such haha its pretty cool!  Hopefully this will help her!  Next is Myrian.  She is the mom of a recent convert in the ward.  In two weeks we will have companion changes.. I'm not sure what's going to happen.  I know I will be changed for sure because my companion will be going home!  But I might be staying here in San Felipe or headed to a different sector... but I will be finding out soon!   My last day here could be the 28th,  which is the day that we have out baptisms!!  All in all things are going really well here and I'm improving each and every day!

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