Monday, July 8, 2013

San Felipe Blues

Four hard-working elders walking the farm roads of El Llano.
The internet is slow here and yeah the rats are interesting... but funny!  The exterminators came this week.  You asked about how long my companion has been out?  I am actually his last companion :) He goes home the 28th of this month! The work is pretty good! We have some progressing investigators right now.   Myriam, Ximena, Roman and Carol.  They are all awesome and really fun to teach and we have 2 baptisms the 28th of this month on our last day in this area :)
Thanks for sending me the books! It's annoying how the mail works so slow here.  I still haven't recieved the package with my drivers license in it.   It's been a good month or more for that stupid package.   Thanks for sharing that information from the lesson last Sunday.  I've really been struggling with confidence this past week and that was exactly what I needed to hear!  Another prayer answered :)   I have an ingrown toe nail that is really infected and hurts when I walk for a while.  So I had to be on antibiotics and inflammatory medicine along with this cream stuff!  Today I ahve to have the nail cut out!  I might only be here for one transfer and this is the last area of my companion, so not sure what's going to happen... things will be fine!

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