Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Things Happening in San Felipe

The weather is crazy here!  The last few days have been FREEZING!!!!!!! but we are managing and things are going really well! :)  Having a latino companion and living with other latinos is really discouraging sometimes... because they only have to focus on the doctrine.  I have to focus on the doctrine, learning the culture here, learning about these people(where they live what they do what they like to talk about their families, etc) Spanish( normal Spanish and Chilean Spanish).   Lots of stuff!  Haha, but it's cool and I really enjoy it :) y si yo puedo hablar muy bueno en espanol. lo es muy facil actualmente. yo tengo que hablar y pensar cada dia en solamente espanol entonces estoy aprendiendo muy rapido. cuando hablo, yo puedo decir que you quiero decir sin dificultades usualmente. :)   But it is very hard to type in Spanish, so I'm going to type the rest in English for the sake of time.  Next Monday will be transfers so my companion will be heading home and I will be receiving a new companion!   My companion now believes that I will be staying here in San Felipe and my new companion will move here with me!  That would be kinda cool since I already know a lot of the people and the bishopric and investigators!  Plus I keep getting told how lucky I am to start here in San Felipe because the Spanish is much slower and easier to understand and learn!  The work is going pretty good here! My Spanish is coming and I can speak pretty easily now.  The words come to mind really quickly but my accent and the conjugations are not always correct... but it will come with time.  I have a good study routine that I have found that works really well.  The people and other missionaries keep telling me and Elder Dykstra that we are leagues ahead of where missionaries usually are at this point in their missions.  That's always a really good confidence booster!!  We also have a baptism this Saturday for Myrian!  My companion says I will be the one doing the baptism so that will be really cool! We did have noche hogar (family home evening) in the house of Cheril (Myriam's daughter)  it was really cool.  Lots of good food and investigators of the other missionaries come which was also really awesome!   All in all things are going really well here and the language and doctrine are coming along!

 Fine Dining Companions!

Shrimp and mushroom ravioli and Arizona fruit soda on the back porch.  Awesome!!!

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